EK DO DHAI METAL Platter – Multicolour


This platter is inspired from the old Metal Coal Press which were used to press our clothers. There were iron mens who use to gather washed clothes from houses and return them after they presses and folded our clothes neatly. We still find them at some places near street corners and parks. We thought its a nice design to be a platter where BBQ dishes can be served
Comes with 4 Skewers. With Skewers it can be used to serve BBQ dishes/ Tikkas/ Cutlets/Kebabs/ Pakoras/ Chaaps etc
Without skewers it can used as a regular platter for Rice/ Noodles/ Poha/ Samosa Etc
Its comes as a Flat pack. The customer has to screw the the Wooden Handle to the rod. Screws are given with the product. Matrial – GI Sheet with Wood
Warnings – Only for the purpose of serving Dishes. Not meant for preparing/Cooking BBQ Dishes. Not a toy – Keep it away from children, Don’t dip in water for long time, Clean with wet sponge.


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